Dental Imaging in Fort McMurray using i-CAT Technology

i-CAT® Imaging

This dental imaging system is a quick and comfortable way for our team to locate and evaluate any dental problems, ensuring that you receive the exact treatment you need.

Sometimes called computed tomography or CT, CAT is known as cone-beam. You might think of the machine as similar to an old coin-operated photo booth. You sit down in the chair, and it takes a series of pictures, which are then assembled by the computer into a three-dimensional image of your dental anatomy.

i-CAT Useful for Many Procedures

If you are considering any significant dental treatment, the imaging power of the i-CAT can be extremely useful. i-CAT imaging can be used to assess the state of your jawbone to determine whether dental implants are a good option for replacing missing teeth.

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Other Dental Instruments

Dental Imaging Tools


Uptown Fort McMurray Dental uses a 3D scanner to produce digital models of your teeth. It is an added convenience for those patients who arent comfortable taking dental impressions. Learn more at!


iSolite with fingertip lighting control allows the clinician to select from five light-intensity settings, including a “CURE-SAFE” mode for light-sensitive materials. This device replaces the traditional rubber dam to rest your jaw on and helps patients with gag reflexes.

*Source: iSolite Systems

Our treatments also use the following complementary tools:

  • i-CAT
  • Digital Panorex
  • Cephalometric X-Rays
  • Digital BWs
  • And other tools

All services performed by a general dentist.

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